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"At the mall"

Written by: Burning pen

One day I went shopping down at the city mall, and had just found a sexy bra that looked really good on me (at least
when I tried it on in the dressingroom). I wasnīt very found off the panties in that same store, so my next mission
was to locate a piece of clothing thatīd make me look hot enough for my boyfriend at home. Was he going to get a
surprise tonight!

I walked into one store I havenīt been in before, but as usual I didnīt find anything that interested me in this one
either. So I gave up, something had to be done about this. I walked up to the young girl behind the counter.
-Is there anything I can do to help you?
She was a very attractive girl, I couldnīt deny that, you know that kind off girl you see in sexy lingerie commercials
or covering lifestyle magazines for men, she looked ecxactly like that. Short blond hair and a tight petite body.
She had beautiful blue eyes and her smile was stunning. I got the impression she was a few years younger than me, but
I wasnīt sure.

Suddenly I noticed that she wasnīt wearing any bra under her black top, it was brought to my attention because I
could actually see her erected nipples right through the fabric. Oh my god, she was aroused...? I wondered why, this
didnīt look like a place that could turn anybody on in any way.
-Excuse me.. can I help you..?
-Whatīs your name? I asked without really thinking why.
-Iīm Maria. Is there anything special you are looking for in here?
I reached down in my plastic bag and grabbed the bra I just bought, Maria the shop assistant smiled politely towards
me when I handed it over the desk.
-Iīm looking for a pair of panties, sexy panties.. something that will fit well with this bra..
She lifted up the piece of clothing between her two fingers and looked at it for a couple of seconds. My face was
turning red.
-Something sexy that will fit well with this bra.. I think I may have something you will like.. follow me around here

I followed Maria as she left the desk and walked through the store. Her ass cheaks was moving in her tight jeans and
it made me wonder if she might have any panties on under there as well. This was really a tease...
I thought about how it would feel like touching that young perfectly shaped ass. Would the skin be softer than silk?
And would..
-Iīm sorry to take you out here to the stockroom, but we have just recieved this collection of underwear and Steven
havenīt had any time to put it out in the shop yet. Yeah, here they are..
She showed me a pair of very small panties. They were black, shiny and very very sexy..
-Fuck! They look great..

Maria smiled and leaned closer to me.
-I think you will look really hot wearing them. I am very jealous at your boyfriend right now.
I giggled and Marie did the same. I tried to figure out if she really meant what she said or if she just were charming
a potential customer. Maybe both.
-You can try them on in here if you like, she continued. I think all of the dressing rooms are full right now.
-O-Okey (damn, I was stuttering).. But what if someone comes in here...?
-Dont worry, I will lock the door and come back here as soon as I can.

Maria sneaked out and I started to undress. I felt a bit awkward doing it here, what if someone was spying at me
right now? I didnīt see any cameras when I looked around, but still couldnīt get over that feeling. Something just
felt... not quite right. And it was chilly. But to be honest, I was turned on by it too.
I know, it sounds weird I guess. Itīs this fantasy I had for a long time.. well, Iīll tell you that story another
time. I had just stripped down to nothing more than a bra when Maria came back.
-Oh! Sorry.. I didnīt know.. I thought you were done.. Iīll be back.
She looked embarassed and her face blushed. She turned quickly to the door and almost stumbled on a box, it looked
funny so I couldnīt help smiling. I hesitated for one second and then said:
-Maria! Wait..

She looked at me. I was more than aware of my naked crutch but I made no attempt to cover it.
-There is no mirror in here, so I was thinking... what if you told me your opinion Maria? On how I look?
-Well.. you look very beautiful..
-I mean how I look with the panties on?
-Oh yeah, I.. I meant that too... I guess I can do that..
I never thought I could turn that sexy confident girl into a shy insecure teenager, but that was pretty much what
has happened. I liked being in charge of the situation again. Maria avoided looking into my eyes, but she glanced at
me the whole time. It tingled in my stomach when I noticed she wasnīt starring at my face..

I turned around so my butt was facing Maria, then I leaned down to pick up the panties from the floor, exposing
myself fully for her eyes. Slowly I dressed myself without facing her. I wanted her to have a good look at me, in my
naughty mind she was already masturbating at the store toilet picturing my naked ass.
-So, what do you think?
When I watched Maria she first smiled and then started to giggle like a little girl.
I didnīt understand anything at all, what was so funny?
-You.. you.. Oh god Iīm so sorry.. I didnīt mean to laugh..
She took a few step towards me and stopped.
-Itīs just that you have them on the wrong way around.

I looked down and gasped. How stupid could a person be? I was so busy trying to seduce her that I never really cared
about putting my panties on right. Iīm such a retard sometimes.
To my surprise Maria walked right up to me and said:
-Wait.. let me help you with that..

She got down on her knees beside me and pulled the panties down. I couldnīt do more than just watch her, the
tingling feeling in my stomach has turned into something that felt like a restless fireball.
The blonde beauty let her hands slide up along my legs as she dressed me, and her hands felt so nice gently touching
my skin. She (accidently?) brushed against my inner thigh for a short second, and my breathing got much heavier.
-It feels really nice, I said. I mean the panties..
-Yeah, itīs all cotton you know..
-But it feels too tight in my bum, maybe they manufactured it wrong or something..? Could you take a look?

Maria was still standing next to me and I noticed her forehead was a bit sweaty. She licked her lips and said:
-I better go now.. there is customers waiting and..
-Please? You must know more about this than I do. Please..
-Alright..but just one quick look then I have to go...

I turned my back towards her and after a short moment I felt her fingers examine the fabric. Did she play along
in my little game or couldnīt she just say no? I wasnīt sure about going any further with this, but how should I put
it... I was just way to horny to turn myself down at this point.
-No, not there.. Iīll show you..

I grabbed Marias hand and guided it in between my butt cheaks. I didnīt hear any protest from her and she made no
attempt to remove it. No, she started touching me!
-Yeah, right there.. this feels really nice.
I was happy like a little kid! My conquest had succeeded and now my main mission was to not - by any circumstances -
scare this girl away.
-I have never done anything like this before, she said.

I know she was lying, but it made me hot anyway. "The virgin has her first lesbian experience", another perverted
fantasy of mine..
I was starting to get really wet now. Maria grabbed my panties and pulled them down my legs, then she fondled my ass
with her gentle soft hands. I wanted things to get more naughty so I said:
-Why donīt you give it a little slap?
-You want me to spank you?

She slapped me twice with the palm of her hand and then caressed the places she just had hit. It didnīt hurt much at
all, but I wanted it a bit harder so I asked her to spank me again.
-Harder this time..
She did it again, on both sides, and the sound was almost as pleasing as the sensation you get when you mix pleasure
and pain at the same time.
-Yeah, you are a nasty girl arenīt you? You like that? How do you like this..?

She pressed her body tight against mine and then I felt her finger touching my anus. She forced it in me and I felt
little pain at first. But I kept my mouth shut and it soon payed off. I started to relax more and more, so her finger
could easily go in and out of there. She pressed in another finger as well, and I was surprised how experienced she
seemed to be. She had definitely done something like this before. And not just one time.
-You are really good at this..!
-I know what I like.. so then I must know what other girls like too.
-You are lesbian right, or am I completely off the track here.. Oh! That was nice!
-Iīm just a girl who likes being with other girls occasionly, I donīt know if that makes me a lesbo... now get down on
the floor so I can lick your pussy..

I had no sensible reason to disagree so I did as I was told. I sat down on the floor and spread my legs wide open.
Maria gave me a big smile, grabbed me my crutch and started rubbing me with her hand. I felt the orgasm on the way,
but I didnīt want to climax this fast. Not that I had much of a choice, I guess..
-Stop fucking tease me, I said to her. Get down and eat my cunt you fucking slut!

I thought sheīd like to hear me talk nasty to her, and I noticed she did. I loved that. I also wanted her to go down
on me really fast because I didnīt know how much longer I could hold out.
-Come on, fuck me with your tongue!
She did. A few seconds after she started frenchkissing my pussy, I came. Big time. I had to bite my hand so I
wouldnīt scream like a maniac, unfortunately I bit my hand maybe TOO hard. I discovered the teethmarks later, and I
was surprised there never was any bloodshed. It was one of the most intense moments of my life.
-Holy christ!

That was Marias voice. She was laughing.
-That was cool! Fuck! Have you never been with a chick before or what?
-No.. I havenīt. Or.. kind off, no I havenīt been with a girl. This was truly amazing.
-Yeah, watching you cum was really fucking cool. It looked like you had the best orgasm of your life..
-Maria, it was the best orgasm.. of my life.

I lied on the floor for a short while, looking up in the ceiling and listened to my breathing. Maria was quiet.
Then I laughed and said:
-How much do you want for the panties? Iīm buying them.
Maria giggled and kissed me. Then she said:
-Take them, I donīt want to charge you. Watching you get off was payment enough for me. And.. you should come back
here next week.
-Why is that?
-We have a big sale on a collection of underwear. I am working here then and I could.. I mean.. I donīt really know
what I mean.
-I will be here next week Maria. I promise.
-Yes! I.. thatīs.. eh, great, looking forward meeting you again.
-So am I. Really looking forward..
She gave me a deep kiss and I fell in love.

The End