19 year old Spanish teen model with a pair of juicy big boobs

Interview with Luna for Your Dirty Mind and Big Boobs Alert
Here it is guys, the exclusive interview (with your own submitted questions) with Luna from Luna's Cam. We have to thank Luna for answering them honestly. Enjoy reading!

  1. Hi Luna, many of the visitors of and told us you were very beautiful. Are you happy with the way you look? Or would you want to 'change' something if you had the chance. Do you like to get compliments on your looks?

    LUNA: Hi guys! well, I think every woman has something to complain about matter what they say :) we always have that little something were not happy about, in my case, Id like to be more skinny! lol but I'm Spanish, and my curves are natural :) so I guess its ok haha! :) and of course! I love getting compliments on my looks! its always good to hear good things about you, who doesnít like that? :)

  2. We assume you already expected that lots of guys are curious about your breasts. You already stated on your website that they are real. On what age they started to grow so big and how the boys at school reacted on them? Are you satisfied with the way they look or would you like to have bigger or smaller ones?

    LUNA: lol thatís a funny question. Well! Id say they started growing when I was 11 years old lol and it was very funny cause kids in my class would stare at them like wow! lol rest of the girls were really small, and there I was haha, never made me feel uncomfy at all, I was happy with them and still am :) wouldnít change them!

  3. And how about the girls? Did your girlfriends ever tease you because of your big boobs? If so, what did they say/do and how did you react to them?

    LUNA: hahaha,I had this experience with one of my friends at school, we were 12 or 13,and she came to me asking me if I was wearing some special bra or cotton inside my underwear! lol I said no ,and she wouldnt believe it, so she had to touch one of my breast haha she was pretty surprised when she found out they were real! lol they were always jealous of them, some of them still are OH WELL! lol I like other things about them :) and they like my breast, what can I do? hahaha.

  4. So when your breasts started to grow large, did you try to hide them with your clothes? Or did you always wear tight tops?

    LUNA: Oh no, I would always wear tight tops lol I remember when I was in school, I had to wear an uniform with a horrible beige shirt, I remember wearing a white cotton t shirt instead cause that made me feel prettier! I got in trouble with the principal more than once cause I didnt follow the rules, lol If a woman has a part of her she likes, why not show it!

  5. The guys are also interested in the way you dress? You like to dress sexy? You ever go out braless or without panties under your skirt?

    LUNA: Yes you guys are curious! lol.. well, I would say I dress in a very sexy way, depends on the occasion of course, but I can always find something that gives that sexy touch hahah,I love mini skirts, tight tops, shorts, jeans and most of all high heels lol I'm crazy over sexy shoes, I have 21 pairs lol :P I donít always wear a bra, I like to go braless with some tops, and pantyless lolÖUíLL NEVER KNOW! lol

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  6. We bet guys stare at your boobs all the time :) Does this annoy you? What kind of reactions do you get. Does it ever get to a point that you feel uncomfortable about it?

    LUNA: lol I def get looks, and when I go shopping, or even in the video club, I can see guys and even married men with their women next to them staring at them! Ive heard wow many times lol and I guess its normal men like breasts you know,its a natural thing and its ok with me as long as they dont stare for 2 minutes like one guy did in a disco lol oh well.. I made sure to go and tell him my face wasnt there..he was shy then lol

  7. Spain is famous for the beaches where a lot women go topless. How about yourself you ever tan without a top? If not why?

    LUNA: Oh Spain, I miss those beaches.. I love doing topless, I dont see anything wrong with it, of course I respect people and I go to beaches that its allowed, I dont like disrespecting old women or men or even kids that dont agree with that :) I'm a good girl after all I guess lol

  8. We're dying to know if you're single or have a boyfriend. What do you look for in a man and to what kind of men are you attracted? Are you romantic?

    LUNA: I'm extremely romantic :) I love for a man to do cute things for me, I'm not after money at all,and I dont need him to buy me a house or a car lol with a good breakfast in bed or my fav cd when I dont expect it is more than enough.. What kind of men? Honest men, men that arent afraid to be a bit crazy, that can make me laugh,and can be faithful to me.thats all I want! and right now I dont have a bf :(! I like some1 tho lol..

  9. So apart from being model. What do you do in life? What kind of hobbies do you have? Do you smoke?

    LUNA: I'm a dancer as you can see on the website :) I started when I was 7 with classic Ballet and Ive done hip hop and all kinds of dance you can imagine lol its my big passion, right now the website takes a lot of my time, but when I have time,i like to keep going on my studies to become a stewardess and learn new languages. and no! I dont smoke :) I hate it lol .I'm a very normal girl,kind of a kid in some aspects lol I love fun fairs, water parks, clubbing, I'm a horror movie freak and I like video games, but Resident Evil type! as Ive said Horror freak lol

  10. Some more questions about your non-model life. Do you like to travel and which countries have you been to? And whats is your favourite way to spend evening?

    LUNA: I love to travel! I wish I could do it a bit more often tho, thats one of the reasons I got interested in the stewardess job :) I havent been in many places ,Ive been obviously in Spain, I know the whole country lol and Ive lived in the UK ( London) and now here in the USA :) would looove to go to Australia! that might be my next stop!

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  11. Where do you see yourself in 10 years time, you got any big plans about your future?

    LUNA: wow in 10 years! thats a bit scary lol I'll b 29! haha, you never know whats gonna happen in life,I hope whatever I'm doing I'm happy, probably with a kid, with some1 that loves me and close to my family in Spain. BIG PLANS? as ive said, just be happy! Happiness is hard 2 get.

  12. You know how guys are they also asked questions about your sex life. We respect if you don't want to share it all. Have you ever been with another woman? If not, anything you fantasize about or imagine you want to try? And you ever had sex in a public place? If you did where?

    LUNA: lol hhmmm! this one its a bit personal, I dont mind sharing tho.. yes, Ive had an experience with a girl,but was when I was 15! lol It was really good tho lol she was called Desi, she was in school with me, and well it just happened! we were in this pool in front of my house in Madrid, where you have all kinds of things like tennis, basketball, horses blah blah lol and you have big dressing rooms and showers for when ppl want to take a shower after playing some sport or swimming, so we went into one of the showers together.. and well we started a new experience! lol I guess we were in that age when U want to try new things! nothing wrong with that. Sex in a public oh man.. Yes I have :) on a bus lol from the south of Spain to Madrid lol ( blushes)

  13. How did you end up making your own website? Can you tell us a bit more about how the member sections looks and what your future plans with site are.

    LUNA: haha, as most of the girls that have one, a good friend who I adore, told me about it, for a looong time he tried to convince me to build a website about me.I thought he was joking, and never thought id be good at it, but after some time..I said well why not?! and I started doing this website. I'm very happy I said yes.I adore my job.I see my website as very tasteful sexy and personal,I like getting to know my members and have a close relationship with them, they are the most important thing in the website!I wouldnt be there without my guys,so I'm very thankful to them. In the member area they can look at all my pics ( theres over 2100 right now)lots of videos, I update twice a week,i name the requests after them so they can see their names on the site and get what they want :) they can read my diary, post messages on it, see more pictures in there that i take daily, they can send me private e_mails telling me whatever! lol and here really soon they will see me live twice a week, I'm dying to do the cam shows! also they will get to see other jobs with professional photographers that I'll be doing, and I'm sure new things will come up! :)

  14. What is the feeling when you know so many guys masturbate over your pics and video?

    LUNA: lol to be honest, I dont think about it, I still cant believe the number of guys that have joined or said anything good about me! lol but its natural guys do it when they see a girl they like, its a website to entertain in any way they want to be entertained! lol if they like me enough to masturbate looking at me, good for them! lol I guess that means I'm hot for some ppl out there! which i absolutely love hahaha ;)

  15. What would your perfect date be?

    LUNA: depends on the mood I am in,but normally Id like the guy to take me out for dinner,then for a drink,talk a lot and end up making love in a beautiful place awww lol

  16. What your favorite picture from your website and can you show it to us?

    LUNA: I like this picture (see below),it shows the real me,its a natural picture and very artistic I think :) one of my favorites. Thanks for the interview and I hope you enjoy it guys! KISSES,Luna xoxoxo

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